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The plane climbed until it was clear of the clouds. 飞机爬升穿出了云层.Stay in concealment until the danger has passed. 藏着别动,等危险过后再出来.The hunt for the lost child continued until she was found. 寻找失踪儿童的工作一直持续到将她

I didn't go to bed until father came back.Iwon't leave until mother comes back. I waited until father got home.I worked until 10 o'clock. Islept until the telephone rang.

untilprep.(=to the time of)直到时, 到为止[常用在否定句中](=before)在以前; 直到才; 不到(不)until his death 直到他死until four o'clock 直到四点钟He did not go until night. 他直到夜里才走.It was not until yesterday that I noticed it.

1.The life processes continue until death . 生命的进程持续到死.2.Children dance to music until the music stops . 孩子们跟随音乐跳舞直到音乐停止. 3.The court adjourned from Friday until Monday . 法庭自星期五休庭至星期一. 4.The shop is

1.I won't go to bed until I finish me homework.2.We will not leave until he comes.3.不倒装 he didn't give up smoking until he got a serious disease. 4.倒装 not until he got a serious disease did he give up smoking.5.He did not have lunch until his

not until:可放句首,但主句要用倒装. Not until midnight did he came back home. 还有一种用法与until相似. He did not come back home until midnight.He did not go until night. 他直到夜里才走. It was not until yesterday that I noticed it. 直到昨天我才注意到这件事. Don't go out until four.不到4点不要出去.They don't open up until 8:30.他们8:30才开门营业.

Yesterday, I stayed awake until midnight.Our classes will continue until the end of June.Let's wait until the rain stops.

一样的.until 和 not until 在英语中所缉揣光废叱肚癸莎含极表达的都是一样的意思,只不过结构上不同而已.

一、 介词until 作介词的until 的英文解释是up to a specified time (直到某一时刻)或up to the time of a specified event (直到发生某事).但注意观察下列句子,我们还可留意到until 在具体运用中的细微之处. 1. 用于肯定句中: 1) It may last


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