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A sEt oF造句

a set of keys 一套钥匙

These is a set of color pencils.

a set of books一套书a set of keys一串钥匙Many sets of books have been given to the students.


It's much easier for drivers to select content via knobs than a set of buttons. 对于驾驶员来说,使用旋把或者旋钮要比一组按钮要容易得多,较少的控制可以避免搞乱界面.

it、keys、of、a、set、is造句 答:It is a set of keys. 这是一套钥匙.

he set a record of swimming 他创造了游泳的记录

set off 出发,启程 (= set out;set forth) One afternoon she set out from the coast in a small boat and was caught in a storm. "一天下午,她乘坐小船从海岸出发,遇到了一场暴风雨." The children set off for school. 孩子们上学去了. 使爆 炸,

set down 1. 放下,搁下: 例句: to set down one's bag 放下包 2. 写下,记下;登记: 例句: the police sest down my car number. 警察记下了我的汽车号码 3. 使(飞机)着陆;使降落: 例句: my plane was set down in a heavy fog. 我乘坐的飞

i lost a set of keys

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