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BE A symBol oF造句

a symbol of : 象征Metal or stone is a symbol of hardness and strength.金属或石头是硬度和强度的象征.The white bird is a symbol of freedom.这白色的鸟是自由的象征.

The five-star red flag is a symbol of Chinese people五星红旗是中国人民的一个象征

the great wall is a symbol of china

as symbols of 作为的符号造句:Rings have functioned as symbols of authority, fidelity, and social status. 指环是权力、忠诚和社会地位的象征.

Many young people saw him as a symbol of American youths.

有能力做某事,能胜任某事 例如:He is capable of this task. I know what these people are capable of.(这句是越狱里Linc说的一句,应该翻译成:我知道这些人的本事)

Tom is afraid of staying alone at home.

be made form1.Most paper is made from wood.大多数纸是用木头制造的.2 The paper is made from straw.这纸是由稻草制作的.3 The bread is made from wheat.这种面包是由小麦做的.4 The wine is made from grapes.这种酒是由葡萄制成的.

be famous of 没有看到过.be famous with 或be famous for 一样,都是因而出名.譬如说,这个老人因他的大胡子而出名.This old man is famous with/for his beard.be famous as 作为而出名,He is famous as a action actor. 他作为一个武打明星而出名.be famouse to=be popular to 在的人群中著名.


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