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頁匯何窮唹議哂咎兆,嶄猟兆忖頁^萩參低議兆忖柵蚕厘 ̄.咀葎call me by your name旗燕彭委徭失頼畠住公低阻,曾倖繁児云貧栽屈葎匯,餔徭失匯劔握低.錬李嬬逸廁欺低,李寡追!!!

you never said, you never said you never said that it would be this hard love was meant to be forever now i never cease to discard there's gotta be a better way for me to say what's on my heart without leaving scars so can you hear me?when i call


call you name 嶄猟兆各:柵紺低議兆忖 野 簡:夾勸埼岻 惇 爆:夾勸埼岻 She lost her brother a month ago 慢貧倖埖払肇阻慢議悟悟 His picture on the wall 麿議孚頭航壓能貧 And it reminds me 少佰彭厘 When she brings me coffee,her smiles 輝

she lost her brother a month ago匯倖埖念慢払肇阻慢議儘宮his picture on the wall, and it reminds me遇麿議孚頭珊航壓能貧,斑厘匯壅詁when she brings me coffee, her smile慢極色携公厘扮議丶冲I wish I could be with her till my last day厘謹錬李

豊効麿眉輔 busy in 咢佩佩佩佩佩佩佩 (廣hang)咢佩咢佩佩佩佩佩佩佩 咢佩咢佩、牽抑炒麿挫槻犖, 惜只A知, 簾性廖低七低犖七 明遊捜抑心彭厘択 楳養beer呱霜天触 裕陣扉炒椎訂段触 陽性椎厦匯寵扉色 A溺鯛跨慢議慎輔 胡図Go Go耳麿

Call your name Lyrics : mpi Music : HIROYUKISAWANO Vocal: mpi & CASG (Caramel Apple Sound Gadget) She lost her brother a month ago(慢貧倖埖嘉払肇阻悟悟) His picture on the wall(麿議孚頭航壓能貧) And it reminds me(悳頁戻佰


梧爆兆:I call your name again梧返:嶄薯寔栓徨廨辞:さくらのペットな泳溺 スペシャルDisc Vol.3ゞI call your name again〃恬簡: 酷恬爆:爽 胡雰?芦隠匯峠 園爆:芦隠匯峠?儲啼置梧:楳表鈍今(CV:嶄薯寔栓徨)悳頁壓宸戦

CALL YOUR NAME梧:梳云寔膠恬簡:梳云寔膠 恬爆:殫勸よう徨 園爆:殫勸よう徨廨辞:single collection + Hotchpotch鍬咎:徴墳丕斤:Maple楳い腎が耙しくて ふいにけ竃してしまった繁心需竜清議爺腎伉秤噪酔 融隼怒竃肇議繁嚏の

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