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ComE up with造句带翻译

He couldn't come up with an answer. 他答不上来. He couldn't come up with an appropriate answer just at the time. 那时他想不出一个合适的答案.

something has come up, and i have to deal with it.

come up 英[km p] 美[km p] 释义:phr. 发生,升起,审理,中奖,被提及,即将发生.vi.走近;走到跟前 ;搭配;上来;需要处理;被提及;被讨论;(案件)开庭审理【律】 1.The subject kept coming up in conversation. 这个题目在谈

.come up with me

I hope you can come up with a better plan than this.我希望你们能提出一个比这个更好的计划. I don't think he can come up with any clever move.我看他也没有什么高招.The teacher came up with a good suggestion/idea.

come up with 英 [km p wi] 美 [km p w] 追赶上;比得上;想出;准备好(钱等) (1)想出,提出(计划、想法等) If you come up with a plan or idea, you think of it and suggest it. Several of the members have come up with

Come up to

Never comes up with such a great idea for me.

The bill comes to £20 including service.账单包括服务费共计20英镑.As spring advanced, the flowers in the seed ranch began to come to life.春深了,苗圃里的花草又苏醒过来了.Can we come up with a better alternative for handling this problem?我们能不能想出更好的替代方案以处理这个问题?

come up造句:Come up to the fire, and you will thaw out. 到火炉边来,你就会觉得暖和 解析:句子是语言运用的基本单位,它由词或词组构成,能表达一个完整的意思

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