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You must read the instruction carefully before you use this machine.在使用这个机器之前,你必须认真阅读使用说明.

例句与用法: The catechism is used for religious instruction. 教义问答法常用于宗教教学. I lost the instruction book and so I had to find out how to use the machine by trial and error. 我把说明书丢失了,结果只得通过不断摸索才弄懂怎样使用这部

instruction这个词可以先讲词的读音,英[nstrkn]美[nstrkn]意思有:n.授课; 教诲; 传授的或获得的知识,课程; [计算机科学]指令复数:instructions动词是instruct,~sb. to do sth.指导某人做某事.

give instructions to do something.指挥(命令)做某事.we were given instructions to complete the work by the professional teacher.专业老师指挥(命令)我们完成这项任务.(在英语中,一般被动句比主动句更常见,习惯用)

没有错,英汉互译中有很多词都有这种现象.新目标英语中instruction译成介绍意思就是说明(书)introduction 介绍, 引见,引论,引言例如:Mary was shy at her introduction to the company.instruction 命令, 指示;讲授, 指导, 教学;使用

If you want him to go your home ,give him some instructions.

instrument :[nstrmnt] 仪器中文谐音:尹斯卓门特 instruction :[nstrkn] 指令中文谐音:尹斯爪克什

和”instruction“很像的单词:introduction 介绍,引进.instrument 仪器,仪表.

词根 struct 前缀in- 后缀-ion

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