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ovEr thErE造句

Who is that girl over there?那边的那个女孩是谁 Over there is our library.那边是我们的图书馆 Who is that boy over there?那边那个男孩是谁 再看看别人怎么说的.

The girl is standing over there.

在那边.The pencil case is over there 文具盒在那边 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你

it is over 900 years old它已经有900多年的历史了

第一句:the girl over there that is my sister 第二句:the house over the road

over ['uv] prep. 1. 在…的上面;在…的上方;在…的上空: 例句: The helicopter is staying over our heads.那架直升机就在我们头顶的上方. 2. (在职位、权势等)高于,在…之上;对…起支配作用: 例句: state in relation to a country

look,there is a map over there.看,那边有一个地图.你看,那边还有一张地图.

the bus there is over!


一、介词over作“在……上方”、“在……上”(有覆盖、遮蔽之意)解:1. The sun shines over the earth. 太阳照耀与地球上.2. There is a bridge over the river. 河上有一座桥.3. The weight of the air over one square foot of the earth at sea level

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