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stand by,准备,待命,stand up for 坚持,支持,stand for 代表

stand up for: adj. 坚持(拥护,支持)例句:don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.要敢于维护自己的权利.everyone expects that i'll stand up for you.大家都希望我会支持你.

stand up 竖立,站立.stand up for支持,坚决stand out 向前跨步,突出stand for拥护,为.而奋斗 希望能帮到你.


stand up for myself 为自己挺身而出、坚持自我 双语例句 1. When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me. 当我坚持真我,坚持我的信仰的时候,他们叫我泼妇. 2. Now I can stand up for myself firmly but gently in personal and work situations. 现在我在私人及公务场合,可以坚定并温和的为自己挺身而出.

stand up to跟某人对抗stand up for 为某事奋起

stand up for 支持,坚持;拥护 stand up for 维护,支持,忍受 Stand up for life 为生活奋战 To stand up for 支持

stand out:站出列,站出来. stand for:代表 stand up:站立,站起来. stand by:袖手旁观,支持

Stand up for yourself意思是:为了自己而战斗例句:Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.要敢于维护自己的权利.Everyone expects that i'll stand up for you.大家都希望我会支持你.


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