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《Beautiful Girls》sean kingstonYou're way too beautiful girlThat's why it'll never workYou'll have me suicidal suicidalWhen you say it's overDamn all these beautiful girlsThey only wanna do your dirtThey'll have you suicidal suicidalWhen they say it's

who saysselena gomezwouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey.you made my insecure.to me i wasn't good enough.but who are you to judge.when you're diamond in the rough.am sure you got some things.you like to change about yourself,but when it

是不是nothing on you 啊,第一句是“beautiful girls all over the world”

这首歌就叫beautiful girls 是sean kingston的 歌词: you're way too beautiful girl 你实在太美了 that's why it will never work 因此无人可及 you had me suicidal, suicidal 你令我走向毁灭,毁灭 when you say it's over 当你说我们缘分已尽 damn all these

啸楠的beautiful girl beautiful girl 啸楠把这首歌送给我曾经深爱的女孩!你还好吗?春去春又来一个人到现在直到头发白情窦才初开奇怪为什么害怕失败一点自尊心在作怪我不要在等待我就要对你说大声的对你说出来hey my beautiful girl我的

Who Says Selena Gomez Wouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey.You made my insecure.To me I wasn't good enough.But who are you to judge.When you're diamond in the rough.Am sure you got some things.You like to change about yourself,but

正确歌词是I'm a beautiful girl.Beautiful Girl 歌手:金雅中 作词: 作曲: 歌词:You're my beautiful girl beautiful girl 你是我美丽的女孩美丽的女孩 ,beautiful 你是漂亮的我的美丽女孩 ..

是不是这个 你听听 歌曲试听地址:Beautiful Girl (Teaser ver.) http://www.qishi.com/m/130882.htmJose Mari ChanBeautiful GirlBeautiful girl, wherever you areI knew when I saw you, you had opened the doorI knew that I'd love again after a long, long

bonus的beautiful girl 开头就是beautiful girl 著名歌舞片《雨中曲》中的歌曲 如果喜欢我留下邮箱给你发过去

如果是男声的话,可能是Sean Kingston的《beautiful girls》,这是《绯闻少女》的插曲还有就是B.O.B的《nothing on you》,也是非常抒情的一首R&B.另外V factory的《beautiful girl》也很抒情、、我知道的就这么多了、、不知道能不能帮到你哈~~O(∩_∩)O~

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