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tickling[5tikliN]反馈, 回授自旋挠痒法feet[fi:t]n.脚,(foot的复数), 英尺, 韵脚tickling feet搔脚

What does he like very much?如不明白请追问,要是满意请【采纳】祝学习进步


it took me 5 hours to cook this chichen which will be tasted in this ciassroom.

[图文] Chinese I am a Chinese girl in my 20's, can speak and write in English, but I'd like to make some feet in front of the bike. A taillight is a good idea. Rules of the Road Riding on Campus As a bicyc

goodmagazine 相信我,有糖吃!

make Chinese food. 做中国菜.

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